Your mommy and daddy already love you very much.

We love you so much, in fact, we want to share our journey and the beginning of your amazing life with you, our friends, our families and any strangers who happen upon this blog.

Hi strangers, it's weird that you're reading this.

We have so much to learn from each other and we're so proud to be your parents. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get going littlest Chew...

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hi Mabel, it's your dad.

I have written quite a bit today and I have been very reflective lately. I've been thinking about you and how I can become the best father possible. I don't ever want to lie to you (except when it comes to holiday themed magical figures, but that is more of a fib and traditional moral compass than anything) so I don't mind saying that between the bouts of joy and excitement, I get scared here and there.

It worries me sometimes, but in general I am thankful for my fear. Fear is a secondary emotion and, if we are willing to do so, it makes us question what else we are feeling that makes us scared. In this case I am feeling pure unadulterated love. I love you so much. I love your mom and our family and, as a human, it scares me to love something to that heightened degree.

It's such a good thing though and when I stop to think about it, like right now it makes me so happy. I love you so much that I look at the world around me with more wonder. Sometimes, like last night, I imagine you experiencing for the first time. Last night it was the thought of you eating ice cream. Your mom and ice cream are basically BFF's and I definitely enjoy hanging out with ice cream every once in a while, but the thought and idea of how much you're probably going to love it is just so much fun. I find myself looking at random things and smiling just because I can't wait for you to go there, eat that, play those games, read those books, watch those movies, or write your first blog.

I am so very thankful for you already. Even before you were a part of our lives (which is hard to imagine and even difficult to remember) I was trying to be the best person I could be. Questioning the things that needed to be questioned. Living an active live with purpose and reason. Then you came along and all of that became so much more fun, more real, and more important. We are going to learn so much together! We are going to play so many games and have so many conversations about ridiculous and ridiculously important things!

Your momma and I are ready, as ready as we're going to be at least! I love feeling you move and kick and roll and hearing your heart beat and seeing little amorphous pictures of you. I love that you have already helped me appreciate my life and yours and your moms and how you're already teaching me a whole new version and meaning of living and loving.

If I don't say it enough when you are around, remind me to thank your mom for everything she did, does and will do. I guarantee you that a second doesn't go by when she isn't thinking of you and trying to take care of you now. She's already the best mom and I am so thankful to have her as a partner in this parenting thing. She's taught me so much already and I can't wait for her to teach you even more.

I love you. We love you. Thank you for being ours and I hope we make you happy and proud to be yours.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Third and final trimester

Estimated Due Date: January 6, 2013
Pregnancy: 28 weeks, 5 days- THIRD Trimester!
The baby is as big as: A Chinese cabbage
Weight gain: 16.5lbs of pure baby, baby!
Baby bump: Oh yeah! The bump measured exactly 28 centimeters at our 28 week appointment on Wednesday which is right on track.
How am I feeling?  Quite a bit has changed since the last update at 17 weeks. I still feel fabulous with all things considered but space is starting to get a bit crowed these days. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world and other days even showering seems like an impossible mission. Heartburn has become a daily battle and Thomas’ delicious stuffed Hungarian peppers and the 5lbs of Halloween candy currently in our house don’t exactly prevent the onset of it. I could also complain about the overall aches and pains of pregnancy- the ones that have turned my youthful body into one that feels 15 times its age. But really, if you reallllly want to know how I feel… I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve bursting with overwhelming thoughts of the unknown. Sure, I feel very pregnant at times but it doesn’t for a second take away from how thankful and thrilled I am to be working towards the new best chapter of my life. As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, with 4 pillows wedged around me and a baby flipping around my belly, I couldn’t stop thinking about how unbelievably excited I am. The anticipation reminds me of the feeling I used to have on Christmas Eve as I imagined what was inside of all those carefully wrapped packages under the tree. Much like I couldn’t wait for the unveiling of Santa’s surprises, I am bursting at the seams with wonder and anticipation about all of the characteristics of the best gift ever. What will she look like? Whose nose will she have? Will she have tiny ringlets or will she rock a bowl-cut until she’s 10? Will she love Bruce Springsteen as much as her Dad? Is she going to start talking at 9 months and never stop like her Mom? My thoughts are always going about the what-ifs of her life to come and it makes me feel this amazing feeling that I’ve never felt before. And even if she hates Bruce, has straight platinum blonde hair, and doesn’t say her first word until she’s 7, I’ll still feel the same way.
What am I craving? I like to say that my uncontrollable urge to eat all kinds of starchy pumpkin flavored foods is pregnancy related but the realist in me thinks it probably has more to do with Fall in Western New York. Doughnuts, pumpkin pie, cookies, all baked goods in general, hot chocolate, cooked squashes… fall foods are amazing.
Interesting/Noteworthy events of the week:
Thomas and I got a handful of fun stats and info about Baby Chew at our 28 week appointment on Wednesday that are worth noting.
Weight: 2.6lbs. This puts her in the 33rd percentile which is no surprise given the gene pool she’s pulling from (Sorry baby, you probably won’t be a basketball all-star!). Since she’s a tad on the small side, she’ll be monitored a little more closely to make sure she’s putting on the pounds at a steady rate.
Heart rate: 144 beats per minute, which is perfectly average.
Position: Although this can change at any minute, baby C is currently laying with her head on my right hip, her toes in my left rib cage and her tiny back pressed into my diaphragm. It explains so much about how I feel.
Abilities: Baby Chew put on quite the show for us during the ultrasound, which to our surprise was 3D! Within a span of just a few minutes we saw her blink, stick her tongue out, rub her face, and curl up to fall back asleep. There are no words in the world that can explain how absolutely amazing that was to see.

We also asked the ultrasound tech to confirm the sex for us,  just in case. 

She’s still a girl.

Monday, October 15, 2012


So as we get closer and closer (and it becomes more and more real) Jenna and I keep thinking of what our little girl is going to be like and who she is going to become. This blog is a combined effort of thoughts and ideas.

The third trimester just started and my beautiful partner in this big game thought we should stop talking about it and get our ideas down. Our hopes and aspirations of what we want our little cupcake to know. Lessons we hope she learns either from us or from the ridiculous world we live in.

So here we go, as we think about it and in no particular order (yet), these are the lessons we hope our baby learns:

To have a sense of humor: I'm not surprised this one came up first. Literally no one enjoys being around someone without a sense of humor. Laughing with others and at yourself is one of the most important and adult things someone can learn. It will definitely come in handy in high school or when she starts to learn about politics as well.

To Value Herself: Self respect (respect in general... which needs to be earned and deserved on each end, be tee dub) isn't necessarily the easiest thing to come by. It's often mistaken with self importance, pride, or selfishness. Knowing how to stand up for herself and how to navigate relationships with friends, family and eventually (in 25-30 years) whomever she ends up choosing to spend her life with is a incomparable skill.

That being said, she's gotta go with the flow, let things go... without letting people walk all over her.  Sometimes  you just have to let things go. They're not worth fighting with, worrying about or losing sleep over. Learning how to choose your battles without being a doormat isn't easy. Her mom and dad have helped each other a lot with this lesson, so ideally she'll have an excellent base.

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, ignorance did: Let's talk a little bit about learning to learn. We want nothing more than for our baby to drink in the world around her. We hope she asks questions, makes mistakes, learns from those mistakes, asks questions about them, reads about them, writes them down, has discussions about them with her friends, critically thinks them through, asks more questions and then smiles knowing she just learned a ton and it was awesome.

People are amazing: We've mentioned learning from people, her parents, and the world around her, but it goes both ways. We hope she contributes. Helps the world around her. Helps others learn to love each other and their world, including her own love of learning. We have been very lucky and worked very hard to be happy and healthy in our life together, so we really hope to pass that down to baby Chew... along with the value of taking care of people around her. Her friends, family, pets, and the less fortunate. (Another solid middle/high school lesson). If you can adapt to any situation... you can hang out with anyone and you will constantly be meeting new people. As we said, people are amazing.

Appreciate the outdoors: Camping, swimming, puddle jumping or generally getting dirty, we don't care. There is a lot to be learned from playing outside and we both hope she learns all of it.

Find a niche in the arts, no matter what it is: If I (her dad in this case) had three wishes, one would be musical talent of any kind. Her mommy is remarkably creative and artistic whereas her dad is mildly clever and can throw a couple sentences together from time to time. The arts are so important and so fascinating. We hope little baby Chew embraces the arts and finds something she is great at.

Easy one... we really hope she loves to read: She will learn from the world around her constantly and naturally, but if she loves to read it makes picking out those messages that much easier.

No matter what she can always count on her family.

She values her health. Eating well, sleeping well, being active, avoiding stress, stretching, smiling, laughing and hugging. They are all equally as important and lead to a happy healthy life.

Eventually, we hope she finds a good balance in life between becoming a hard worker and having a ton of fun. This will come with time and after a whole bunch of strife and hard learned life lessons, but it's so important. You can't be one thing. Depth of character, personality, vision, love, and capacity for understanding aren't rare, but they are rarely perfected. Becoming a balancing figure in her own life and in the world around her or in the lives of her friends and family won't be easy. With all the lessons we want to teach her, she has a great shot of making it happen.

Finally, we hope our little girl has an endlessly open mind and a willingness to grow and change as she learns each new lesson. Never stop. Never settle. Always strive for more. Become better than you thought you could be and when it seems like it's too hard, call your parents. Cry if you need to. Get it off your chest and walk it off. Let love in and give it right back.

The Proof is in the Pictures

Thomas and I wanted to document the growing bump
(and our love!) so we asked our amazing photographer friend at
Sean Carr Photography to help us capture some moments. We got our photos back today and we are thrilled!
Here's a peek into our shoot...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small and Mighty

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare

I’m pretty sure that Shakespeare wasn’t referring to a one and a half pound person when he wrote this line for A Midsummer Night’s Dream but when I came across this quote on my favorite social networking website (thanks Erin Lewthwaite and Mark Zuckerberg!), I couldn’t help but think of our tiny cupcake.  Since I posted last, baby C has certainly mastered some ways to make her presence known and fierce is the perfect word to describe her tiny, yet so bold personality. She may be small but she communicates so well already. She always lets me know if I’ve been sedentary for too long by repeatedly kicking my side as if she’s encouraging her Mama to get up and move! And she lets me know when I’ve done too much by pushing down on my lower back as if she’s telling me “Its okay to take a break, Mom. Go put your feet up for a while!” Her newest trick is to kick any object that’s been resting on my belly for more than one minute- textbook, laptop, my arm. You name it. If it’s on my stomach, she will try her hardest to knock it off with her powerful kicks. It’s the most adorable distraction of my day and leaves me smiling long after she’s fallen back asleep.

It’s funny, I’ve never known it possible to miss anything or anyone that I’ve never seen or met before yet sometimes during the day, when she’s peacefully slumbering against my ribcage, I miss her. I miss her kicks and rolls and I miss holding her. I’ve obviously never cuddled her before but all I want to do is snuggle her in a warm blanket in my arms. It seems like I’ve done it before and I can’t wait to do it again. It’s a strange feeling. One that doesn’t really make much sense. But I think it just means that I love her more than anything ever before.

As we close in on the second trimester, I’m amazed and thankful for how fortunate I’ve been during the past 26 weeks of pregnancy. I couldn’t have made it this far so seamlessly without Thomas’ support, understanding, deliciously healthy cooking and wonderful foot massages. And I would have likely driven myself crazy over-analyzing the millions of adaptations my body has made to accommodate a second life if I didn’t have amazing advice and support from my girlfriends. I know we say it every time we post to the blog, but seriously, if we didn’t have the support system that we have, we would be two lost parents-to-be. We have just 14 short weeks left before we meet our precious work of art and I’m hoping the time flies by because we really just can’t wait to kiss her. 

                                                        20 weeks ultrasound picture- She has her next photo shoot on Oct 17th! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

It's A Girl!!!

Jenna and I decided we wanted to know the sex of the baby. Neither of us are particularly good with waiting on surprises and we have so much baby stuff in storage, it gave us plenty of time to organize and get ready (by plenty of time I mean Jenna has already done it because she is the premier dominant force in parental planning and organization, thanks love).

Our appointment was Friday morning, the day after our 4th wedding anniversary. The ultrasound tech was a pretty funny lady who nicely asked us to look away anytime she was going to show something that might give the gender away. The anatomical screening was really cool anyways. For those of you who are new to this, they basically get at least one good picture of every major body part so the doctor can review it and make sure everything looks good. It took us about ten minutes of Jenna being poked and prodded to get a sort of good picture of the babies left hand.

We left the doctors office with an envelope sealed and decided to have a little picnic for ourselves. We took the trek to Highland Park and sat underneath a nice tree with a great view of the sunset and the reservoir.
We celebrated with a photo shoot.

We had countless conversations and guesses about the babies sex, but in all honesty neither of us cared either way. We were too excited in general. That being said, we both assumed it was a boy. It was not. For a brief few seconds (minutes/hours/days... I don't know) I might have freaked out a little. I'm not saying I'm buying guns and turning to religion and strict conservativism, but I am saying Romney! Romney! Romney!*

For five excruciating days Jenna and I kept our secret. Exchanging name ideas. Smiling every time we said she. Just living in the joy of knowing. Throughout those five days we prepped what would become one of the best parties I've ever been a part of. We have so many loving family and friends who are already a huge part of our babies lives, we decided to celebrate the cupcake (our nephew Elijah told us if it was a girl we should name her cupcake... it has become a go to nickname already) with as many people as could make it to our house on a Wednesday evening. We were missing some close friends and family, but if my count is right 53 of our friends showed up for the occasion.

We only invited three people.
The amount of love that has already been shared and expressed from the folks above and our friends and most importantly family members who couldn't be there has been staggering. We're having a little girl and literally EVERYONE we know loves her. She's not even here yet and I'm thinking of making her a Facebook page (jk jk).

I made a few comments at the party, as I often do, thanking everyone for being there and expressing my love, respect and admiration. I assume that is what I said. If it wasn't, that's what I meant and I hope it was conveyed through the tears I was fighting back and the gigantic smile on my face.

Little Baby Cupcake Chew is a girl! She's beautiful. She's so smart, it's unbelievable. I can finally feel her kicks (which is surreal and phenomenal and is making me smile right now) and I'm pretty sure they are in  Morse Code. The first time I felt it I'm pretty sure she said Go Bills.

I'm so thankful for the people in my life. I hope you can tell.

* Authors note: Comedy hurts sometimes and I can assure you it pained me to type those words and that name. Obviously just kidding.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving and shaking... less shaking.

Last week Jenna and I bought the baby's crib and put it together, together. I had finished up the room (a project that took way longer than I thought it was going to take, partially do to the trickiness of crown molding and partly due to me taking a two week break after the crown molding project).

Looking around the room and imagining everything we and the baby are going to do in the room was an overwhelming thought. I started remembering playing in my room when I was a little boy. A three year old lining up his stuffed animals and pretending I was a teacher. My first poster I put up on my own, when I was old enough to think things were cool.

Then one of my best friends and his wife had twins and I started thinking of all the friends the baby is going to have. That led to thinking of all the people who already love and cherish our baby and they haven't even meant it. We are finding out the sex Friday and next week we are having a Gender Reveal Party (because Sex Reveal Party sounds too provocative) and people are so excited for it. We have more people insisting on babysitting our child than asking. Friends who look out for Jenna and offer me completely unconditional support.

I'm not surprised. If anyone has ever read either of my other blogs, you know how much of an influence our friends and families are in our lives, but this is an entirely new level of love, respect, and community I was not expecting. In a lot of ways our baby and our family is a very private, personal, and special event Jenna and I get to experience together, but there is this whole encompanying sub plot involving the people around us who will be a huge part of our babies life.

I'm not one for blessings, but I do feel remarkably loved and supported. It isn't always easy. Jenna and I are doing our best and learning more and more as the days go by, but I can say with certainty and joy that the people around us want to make it better and easier. Sometimes people say the wrong thing or have no idea what the experience entails, but in a lot of ways that is just as nice. Their concern, over complicated personal and social adjustments, or just general lack of knowledge on the subject matter is endearing. It reminds me how special it is to be going through this. This entire experience puts us in a new an exciting challenge we get to tackle together. Thankfully we have a gigantic (and super attractive) team of supporters behind us. Let's just say Jenna is Ryan Fitzpatrick, I'm Mario Williams, and all our friends and family are packing into Rich Stadium every Sunday to support us as we completely and totally win the Super Bowl this year and every year after this. (I've been thinking of Football a lot lately. Editor's Note: If the Bill's end up doing poorly, which I highly doubt, please adjust this analogy to Jenna being McAdams, I'm Gossling, and all our friends and family are the millions of people who love the Notebook.)

I can't wait to meet this little person. I can't wait to be a dad. I already love seeing Jenna's little belly and it makes me just melt to think of where the world is taking us. Thanks everyone who has shared their love and support. It makes everything so much easier and I'm definitely not scared to admit we're going to need it. I hope to return the favor to all of you (via hugging) as soon as I can.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Totally Worth It

The wait that is. This long overdue post and the coming of the newest Chew are both very much worth the wait!  I realized its been 5 busy weeks since I last posted a summary update and I'm going to use the pregnancy/parent card here as I apologize for being such a slacker. I'm sure this won't be the last baby related adventure that I launch into with strong determination only to find that fatigue has once again gotten the best of me!

         Baby Chew waving hello at 13 Weeks!

Estimated Due Date: January 6, 2013

Pregnancy: 17weeks 2 days- Second Trimester

The baby is as big as: A sweet potato

Weight gain: Well, I stopped checking when I started seeing numbers on the scale that I've never seen there before but let's just assume I'm right around the recommended 10 lbs!

Baby bump: Yes! It has emerged and is undeniable!
What am I craving? As boring as it is, I haven't had any wild cravings like in the movies. No pickles dipped in chocolate frosting or frosted flakes saturated in orange juice for this gal. I have however, been enjoying an old favorite more than usual. Around week 14, I ate Indian food 4 glorious days in a row. I forced  Thomas (not really, he loves his pregnant wife's appetite!) to take me out to several different Indian buffets so I could critique and rate each of their variations of Chicken Tikka Masala and Chana Masala. Thomas, being the attentive husband that he is, even took a stab at making my two favorite Indian dishes at home! Despite being a tad spicier than I usually enjoy, they were delicious! The Best Indian food in Rochester study is still being conducted and I'm thinking it probably won't be over until somewhere around January 6th.

How am I feeling?  I still feel good!  I have almost as much energy as I had before pregnancy and my bedtime has even creeped back up to 10:00pm! It seems I bypassed pretty much all nausea associated with the first trimester which I will forever be thankful for!

Interesting/Noteworthy events of the week: I felt baby movement! The first movement I experienced felt like a golf ball rolling around in my stomach and it was honestly quite petrifying at first! Not knowing what to expect and having never felt anything like it before, the first few squirms totally freaked me out! At first I only felt movement periodically, maybe once every few days but now, at 17 weeks, I feel movement several times a day. I recently started feeling tiny little kicks through out the day that instantly bring a smile to my face. Whenever I feel the tiny little poke, I picture the tiniest, most fragile little arm or leg attempting to beat me up from the inside and it makes me laugh to myself. Its just such an adorable thought! I'm sure I won't be saying the same thing in 10 weeks when the baby's bones are totally formed though. Those real punches to the ribs will probably be significantly less precious!

Interesting thoughts: Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I expected pregnancy to be like and how it has actually been for me and I must say, I had a pretty unrealistic interpretation of how I thought it would go. I realize that physically, I've been blessed by the pregnancy gods. I've had a very uncomplicated pregnancy, the baby is growing like a champ, I dodged the nausea bullet and my bump has been kindly slow to take off. What I never gave much thought before pregnancy is the emotional and mental toll that growing a baby can take on a mother to be. When I envisioned myself as a pregnant women, I pictured the bump, the nursery, the list of names, and my husband constantly rubbing cocoa butter on my belly (he doesn't do it nearly enough!). What I left out, what I never pictured, was me worrying constantly about my tiny baby or the way that every single decision I make during the day is effected by that tiny baby. For some reason, I never thought about the connection between my pregnant mind and pregnant body and the influence that that connection would have on every single aspect of my life. Probably the toughest part of pregnancy for me has been making the adjustment from "I" to "we" when thinking and making decisions that I was so used to making for myself, all alone. I'm slowly learning to be the most unselfish version of me ever to exist. Its not easy, but then again, no one said pregnancy or childbirth or parenting or life in general is. But its all so worth it and I'm so thankful for all of it.

P.S- Our anatomic scan is scheduled for August 17 (the day after our 4 year wedding anniversary- yay!) and we are BEYOND excited! We plan on asking the ultrasound tech to keep the sex a secret while we're in our ultrasound and to write down and seal it for us once its determined. We decided that, with something so special we want to learn the news with just us two together so that we can really share the excitement. We haven't decided when or where we're going to open the envelope yet but when we do I'm sure there will be plenty of tears and jumping up and down. As far as sharing the news with others, we decided to keep it to ourselves as our own secret for a few days and we'll be making an announcing later the following week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Seeing the baby move in our second ultra sound was mind blowing.

One second I see and hear the heartbeat (which is still amazing).

The next second we're getting measurements and I'm realizing how much bigger the baby has become since the first ultra sound.

Then Boom! Movement, lots of movement. The angle and image that pops into my mind is a wave like gyration reminiscent of how Robin Sparkles danced in her old music video from How I Met Your Mother. Strange reference, maybe, but that's what popped into my head.

Either way... Mind. Blown.

The development, both of the baby and Jenna and myself as a couple of parents, is such a crazy phenomenon. We read the websites, have a pile of baby books, and we talk about baby stuff quite a bit. Some say it's the size of a lemon, others say plum, others say medium sized star fruit (they really like fruit references and nobody said anything about a medium sized star fruit). I feel like I've already learned so much, but I know I haven't even touched the surface. I'm surprised all the time. It's the best surprise though, because it's ongoing, constant, and it ends with being a parent.

I have noticed a few other things that have struck me as funny or interesting. Most potently is the fact that I am much more emotional now than I have ever been before. I don't cry, obviously, because I'm a man and men never cry... what are you trying to say, I'll fight you! Just kidding, I don't buy into the archetypes set by the dumbest parts of our society over the sexes. I don't cry... yet. I have smiled gigantic smiles or gotten ridiculously happy based on TV shows, movies, nice stories, anything. My friend Spencer said turning 40 made him a cry baby, but I think it was having his daughter Charlie and the lack of time he spends with me.

I (sorta) understand the whole, touch the pregnant woman's belly. I constantly want to touch Jenna's belly, even though we can just now feel the little baby bump (also awesome). I assume this means that when friends or strangers hear Jenna is pregnant, they are filled with so much instant, deeply rooted in personal history, and intense love for her and the baby and just can't stay away. That happens right?

Overall, I'm just elated. I know I keep saying similar things and might come off as a broken record, but when that record is playing the best song in the world, who can blame me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

12 Week Summary

Estimated Due Date: January 6, 2013

Pregnancy: 12 weeks 2 days- First Trimester

The baby is as big as: A Plum

Weight gain: +2lbs

Baby bump: Just a tiny one that is hidden very easily!

What am I craving?   My cravings come in waves. I call them kicks. This past weekend I was on an orange root vegetable kick so we ate a lot of sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Past kicks have been much less healthy: lemon desserts, ice cream bars, skittles to name a few. 

How am I feeling?    I’ve been so fortunate not to have had much by the way of nausea. With the exception of one day around 6 weeks, I have been mostly nausea free! My most prominent symptom is definitely fatigue. Over the past weekend, I made the mistake of thinking I could stay up until my old weekend bedtime of 1:00 am twice in a row. Let’s just say that my days of staying up past 12am for recreation purposes are probably pretty much over! I’ve been paying for my late night fun since Sunday! 

Interesting/Noteworthy events of the week:  Our OB appointment on Thursday was mostly uneventful except for one little bump; our doctor was not very pleased with my blood pressure. I have a history of slightly elevated blood pressure but not so much so that any doctor has ever been concerned. However, as I’m learning, pregnancy can do whacky things to your body that you have NO control over! Unfortunately for me, pregnancy induced hypertension is one of those things. The good news is that the (totally safe) low dose of medication that I was put on is working and my blood pressure is back down to where the doctors like it. I’ll be closely monitored for the remainder of our pregnancy as a precaution but as of now, all looks well!

Interesting thoughts: Being put on blood pressure medication was a challenge for me. It was tough to accept the fact that I’m not a super-mom and that there are aspects of the pregnancy that my body just can’t do unassisted. I have been consciously eating balanced meals, staying active and getting enough rest (with the exception of last weekend!) but it had never crossed my mind that, while I’m doing all the right things, our baby might not be getting the most vital component, enough blood (which is the risk to the baby when the mother has high blood pressure). It was a scary reminder of how complex the process of growing a life is and made me very thankful that the process has been going so smoothly for us otherwise.  

A Biscuit in the Oven

After hearing the heartbeat for the second time, Thomas and I decided it was time to make the pregnancy “Facebook official”.  We wanted to make sure that we personally told those closest to us and once that was done, we were ready to open the flood gates. We wanted to make the announcement creative and a little silly and we both liked the idea of posting something abstract that forced our friends to think a little. After throwing around some ideas, we decided to play off of the phrase “Bun in the oven”. The only problem was that it was 7am on a Friday morning and the only bun-like pastry in the Chew household was a roll of refrigerated Pillsbury biscuits. That was good enough for us! So baking ensued and we posted our very exciting news soon after.  Within seconds we were inundated with “likes” and comments. We were so overwhelmed with the excitement of our friends and are so comforted knowing that we will have so much support during our adventures through parenthood! Thank you all!!