Your mommy and daddy already love you very much.

We love you so much, in fact, we want to share our journey and the beginning of your amazing life with you, our friends, our families and any strangers who happen upon this blog.

Hi strangers, it's weird that you're reading this.

We have so much to learn from each other and we're so proud to be your parents. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get going littlest Chew...

Friday, May 24, 2013

On Breastmilk Donation


One day you'll read this and it'll start a conversation about how when you were a baby, you drank human milk from me and it gave you the most luscious cheeks, plentiful arm rolls and adorable leg dimples. Then I'll tell you all about how the very same milk that helped you grow also helped nourish other babies around the United States.  Here's a little testimonial I wrote about my experience with milk donation, The National Milk Bank and Prolacta Bioscience.

"It’s an amazing and empowering experience to provide nutrients for your child and I feel incredibly fortunate that my body is able to supply my daughter with all of the nourishment her growing body needs. While pregnant, I extensively researched breastfeeding and all of its irreplaceable benefits.  I knew that I wholeheartedly wanted to breastfeed, but also knew that many complications can surface that may hinder a mother’s ability to exclusively nurse her baby.  After giving birth to my daughter and beginning our nursing relationship, it was quickly apparent that I was producing much more milk than my daughter would ever need or want. Knowing the incredible benefits of breast milk, I researched milk banks in hopes that my extra milk could be put to good use.  I was impressed with The National Milk Bank’s mission to provide precious human milk to micro-preemies and was in awe of the technology used by their affiliate Prolacta Bioscience that would allow my milk to be pasteurized, fortified and distributed to hospitals.  I immediately contacted them in hopes of starting the application process.  Qualifying to become a donor is a multi-step and thorough process and the level of detail that goes into donor screening should be comforting to any parent of a child using donated human milk. The team at the National Milk Bank works hard to ensure the process is smooth for donors and that only milk of the highest quality is accepted. I am so happy to be part of the National Milk Bank family and am honored to be helping babies across the nation through breast milk donation. I look forward to the day that I can tell my daughter that she shared her nourishment and helped save tiny lives!"

Thanks for being such a great sharer already, Mabel. Mama loves you so much!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Four months of... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!

Dear Mabel

I’m a little bit late with your four month blog, but I’ve taken this opportunity to switch it up a little bit. Your mom’s birthday is coming up, it’ll be today by the time I post this, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about your mom so you are ready for when you get bigger and want to brag to your friends.

We live in a lucky place in a crazy world and a lot of little boys and girls think they’re the luckiest of the bunch. I’d like to take a few minutes, in honor of your Momma’s birthday, to tell you why you’re the luckiest little girl in the world.

We’ll start with some retrospectives and move on from there.

You’ve really grown up in the last month. You rolled over for the first time and you really want to do it again, you’re not quite there and we still blame the big diapers. You’re chatty as can be, too. We have the most productive conversations of coos and goos and rahrahrahs I can imagine anyone ever having. Thanks to your momma, you are well on your way to being the smartest little bean in the world. She spends all day and all night every day of the week thinking of one thing above all else: You.

You’re a great sleeper, but not the best napper at this point. You do this crazy kick thing where you lift your legs above your head and slam them down. It’s a good cross between hilarious and terrifying. You can thank your mom for this too. (The sleeping, not the leg raises.) Not a day goes by where your mom doesn’t examine the days and weeks before and think of new ways to keep your schedule manageable, to help you get through the day, to put another smile on your face.

Let’s talk about that smile! Oh lord that smile.

Pictured: The inevitable destruction of 1000 hearts

Throughout your life you’ll learn that outer beauty isn’t the most important thing and really it doesn’t matter at all if you are a good person with a good heart. It’s all very true and if nothing else, your mom and I want you to be that person with that open, loving, giving heart. But that smile. This world is a funny place and that smile will open up a lot of doors for you... or have them opened by nice people. (Fathers Note: If a guy doesn’t open a door for you, even in middle school, he’s not worth the price of his stupid t-shirt he’s probably wearing) That bright face, wide wondrous eyes and that smile are your moms and they are beautiful. You’ll have a lot of opportunity to use that smile, it’s one of the first things that made me fall in love with your mom. So remember to be nice, people will do a lot for a pretty smile, so we’ll try to teach you to use it for good instead of evil : )

One of my favorite things about your mom is a direct testament to you, little bean. She and I have been together for quite a while at this point and we have each grown and changed and matured through our relationship with each other. I have to say though, even as a spritely 20 year old, I’ve never seen your momma have as much energy as when she sees you. Even after a long day when you didn’t nap, your friend Desmond decides he doesn’t like playing outside anymore, and your daddy did or said something stupid, all it takes is your bright and shining face to liven your mom right up.

I’ve adored your mom since the beginning, but after going through the experience of bringing you into the world I couldn’t think I could ever love her more.

I was wrong.
Pictured: Adorable parenting

Every single day you get a little bigger. You get a little smarter. You, somehow, get happier and more loving. I am gone most of the day at work and sometimes I don’t get to see you as often as I want. Your momma takes good care of me too. She sends me pictures and videos and snap chats of your laughs and giggles and smiles and sometimes of your perfect little sleeping face. I couldn’t do any of this, I don’t think I would even know an eighth of what I know about being your daddy without your momma. I see the two of you together and I love you each more and more every day.

When you are old enough to read this, take a second to hug your momma and thank her for everything she does for us. Then give her a kiss for every birthday any of us have had in between now and then. With every kiss, tell her you love her and happy birthday.

I’ll try to do the same.
Pictured: A momma who knows how to party.

Happy birthday Jenna Lyn Chew! Your baby girl and I love you so much that I am currently a little teary eyed. Proud of it love. So proud of you.

Happiest happy birthday!!!